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Nothing would surprise me. The industry got ahold of MJ as a kid and turned him out. They destroyed him. He was a tormented soul. I feel bad for him and any possible victims. Nobody wins with this film being made. Just using Michael to make a profit. They're no better than a child molester in my opinion.. Be an adult does not always mean to get married, buy a house, have childrens...etc, there is other ways, you can be a product of the society by doing what you are told to do or you can go your own way and you will be finger pointing as you are not acting as you should....people critize other for their own stylelife...being different is part of life. Being an adult should make us wiser, and then you have kids on your own and you realize how you became....more stupid... Grown man can make his house as a theme park if he wants to, and for the person who said he could not, i was making sand castle when i was young and i am still doing it with or without my son....regarless of what people will be thinking...I just don t care... I had a babysitter guy once who was just awesome...He was just the best contestant ever..Sadly went to another country.. Just to answer some stupid statments... MJ was a musical and genius dancer, he had a big trauma, a kid in a adult shape and other problems. He could have done the unthinkable? yes he could...spending millions for childrencare does not make you innocent... Fact is, he was very intelligent, not judged guilty at anytime, and with so many kids around just a few ( the parents) tried to sue him..?With so many millions, so many strange debts and all the Beatles Catalogue and own writings for a billion or more....many things to leave anyone septic about his guilt... I just hope now his kids have a great life....

Angkor Awakens: A Portrait of Cambodia well all I can say is look at the Catholic church no one believed those kids either, most never came out until they were grown, I won't judge Michael, he will be judged same as you and me.. no one is above the Lord's judgment, I believe Michael was a man of faith he talked about it a lot, so hard to imagine he could victimize children, but people and the media shielded bill Crosby right up to the end, not to mention those in hollyweird today,look no further than Kevin Spacey who could imagine? no one knows who people are at their soul, just because you grew up on their movies or with their songs that don't mean you can judge their heart, a lot of good people do bad such as some bad people do good things.

I think it's so sad that we humans behaved as monsters. I'm sure I'll get alot of hate for this comment but I honestly don't give a fuck. I know he was different to say the least but I think he was just a kind soul and an innocent heart that we maybe weren't used to or expecting. Especially with the ugliness off the world today, we expect the worst so much that we create it in our minds and are so scared of it that we go into survival, protective mode and suddenly they are the enemy. I also think it was greed. I think he was an amazing man and artist and I hope that he rests in peace..

MJ was the Love Child of a 14 Year Old Diana Ross and Her first Love Smokey Robinson. MJ was given to the Jacksons so that Smokey Robinson could become a Star for Motown!.

Michael Jackson was a child that had his innocence taken away from him! He was conditioned and programmed to be an entertainer. He did not have the mind of an adult but that of a child thus he was surrounded by children. Aka his friends!.



Fake news. Had an extensive FBI investigation and was found innocent and was subsequently acquitted from all charges. The accusers in the doc are proven liars as they themselves defended MJ from any wrong doing during the trial. Now that the man is not around to defend himself, they are singing a different tune. Sickening. People should boycott this smear campaign of a documentary..






Matt Lauer's Role Model

Word is that documentary parties were employed to create this smear film to drive the real estate market price of Neverland down and allow the prime real estate to be snapped up dirt cheap. $55,000 budget investment to turn $50,000,000 profit. Pretty crafty.....



And yet, he was found not guilty on this charges after 10 year FBI investigations so stop the lies



I’ve watched Wade Robson already. According to a body language analysis suggests he is lying. Based on previous interviews with Wade Robson standing up for Michael Jackson. I have not heard Safechuck but I’m thinking they need some money. Especially since they have kids and Wade Robson can’t get choreography work anymore last I checked. So. I’m taking all of it with a grain of salt if I choose to watch it. Michael Jackson went through hell after he exposed Sony and started waking people up to history being rewritten and the media twisting things. I personally love Michael Jackson’s music and the humanitarian he was. If there is any truth in this I blame the system because of mind control and DID. For all we know during this alleged abuse, he could have been in another alter. Pictures aren’t the story, the stage is not the story behind the curtain. The great and powerful OZ was a sham. Michael was humble, grateful and showed respect and cared for his fans. So much he wouldn’t leave NYC after trade center went down. Michael sent his buses to get his fans out of the city. Fed them and paid for hotel rooms. I don’t see anyone else that’s ever done that for their fans. MJ was the King of Pop with a heart of gold. MJ 4ever 💯.

JUSTICE FOR MJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😡😡 HE'S INNOCENT!!!!!!!





Wow and I thought Jermaine was the one to do this but turns out it’s Randy

issuu.com/lycipotel/docs/sendspace_the_frozen_fire I saw the notification that you uploaded and saw the title and i was like...oh god ffs not again...but then i watched and i was like... YEEEESSSSS MJ powerr!! This video was rlly funny we needed this distraction 😂😂.


The fact is that media went crazy and landed a platform for these 2 liars. And guess why ? Because Illuminati is running the corporations of media in the world . They hate Michael Jackson as much as the hate God .. issuu.com/lycipotel/docs/no_register_streaming_film_remind_m https://issuu.com/nicelmafo/docs/torrent_cinema_hello_goodbye

I think Joe Jackson was a. Horror show for all these kids, especially Michael, because, of course, he was the moneymaker. He never had a childhood...he was pushed and emotionally prodded. I feel for him. .. an extremely talented man who appeared to really care for kids and it appeared he lived out a missed childhood at his home with kids who needed the enjoyment...and attention. I guess I could be wrong,, but, I think he was a guy with a lot of money and a big heart. The fact e made the house accessable to sick cancer-ridden kids shows his heart. Those kids go through so much, it was great he did this for them. He could have taken his money and done things specifically for himself. His kids loved him, and with five of them myself, that is a good sign..

I can't believe this happened gokodateha.themedia.jp/posts/5660156 https://issuu.com/liliversio/docs/verified_site_ride Eight Images from the Life of Nastya Sokolova


This is Great!!!😂 Leave Mj alone❤ love u mike

www.mysportni.net/groups/full-movshare-burn-out-179 I love that this is one example of Joe having Michael's back without expecting anything in return. Though I am a bit curious as to what he said lol. Lupin III: Goodbye Partner yoseinusu.localinfo.jp/posts/5656512

Why does Joe Jackson look like something out of AHS ? For people who think Michael was creating a private place where he could make a harem of little boys for himself, explain why he also included girls and don't forget the children who were bald from chemo and sick from cancer and other diseases? Do you think he found that erotic? He wasn't sick, it was his accusers that were the sick ones.. Have any of you Moonwalkers seen the video Fun at Neverland well that’s the pool at 3:08

He loved kids what ever colour of their skin, sick or wellbeing. He was living his childhood which he never had, he loved giving to under privalage people, he loved the WORLD and Animals. He enjoyed seeing how happy kids were, their smiles made him smile. He gave alot.....wonderful man he was..


He has hobbies that are child-like such as collecting popular expensive toys, keeping exotic pets, or building plane and car models. issuu.com/saudroopransu/docs/jonestown_terror_in_the_jungle He never had childhood. His father was mean to them an hard on them. So he liked to see kids have fun an have childhood he didn't get.

Those people know shit. All they want to do is keep insulting the memory of the greatest human being, the King, Michael Jackson.😍 They disgust me extremely!🤢😡.

R.i.p MJ #TheKingOfPop 👑❤

Debbie was 40 in 1997. Maybe wasn't t phedopile but for sure was one of the most stupid sick man in the world he made possible people treated him like a phedopile. Was or not only God know , most probably he in hell now coz he didn't t have normal life but lot mistakes ..







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